Lapland - Above ordinary
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Lapland-Above Ordinary

The Lapland target vision is complete

The Regional Council of Lapland launched the Lapland brand development project in 2011 with the aim of creating a target vision and brand image which would reflect the diversity of the region.

"Approximately 2,500 people from Lapland have in some way been involved with the brand development in the past year. Laplanders have created a target vision of Lapland themselves," says Maiju Hyry, Director of External Relations from the Regional Council of Lapland.

The target vision describes common goals for the future and the areas in which Lapland wants to stand out from other regions. The working groups produced their final report, which the brand working group reflected and summarized in the brand and vision statement "Lapland - Above Ordinary."

"It crystallises five factors which make Lapland attractive. These include: ‘Rich in nature', ‘Arctic magic', ‘ Creative madness', ‘Open and Arctic', and ‘Consider it done!'," summarizes Johanna Ikäheimo, chairman of the brand working group and Chairman of the Board for Lappset Group Oy.

"The Arctic is of great interest globally and this is a great opportunity for Lapland. We have a wide range of expertise in products and services that are suitable for harsh environments," she continues.

The work is just beginning

The project manager responsible for the Lapland brand development Inkeri Starry notes that raising the identity and profile of Lapland needs patience and is a long-term project that requires time.

"Strengthening our regional competitiveness requires creating a future vision based on common shared values between industry and the people who live in the region. It also requires work to support the vision and cohesive communications.

It is important that everyone in the region stands behind the vision: the people who live in the region as well as companies, municipalities, associations and other organisations. We want current and future Laplanders to feel comfortable and proud of the region," says Starry.

A strong positive reputation makes the area more attractive and promotes both international and national business and investment in Lapland. It also attracts skilled workers and supports exporters. At the same time it will strengthen the identity and increase the appreciation of Lapland, in the eyes of both the local community and those outside.

"The real leverage occurs when enough companies, organisations and people become dedicated to doing new things. In other words they carry out brand supportive actions, policies and services and reflect the brand and vision in buildings, schools, policy, education, sports, science, art and so on," stress Hyry, Ikäheimo and Starry.

The Lapland target vision was announced publicly on Thursday 15.11.2012. at the publishing release event open to all in Rovaniemi. Five other Lapland localities participated in the event by sending video greetings: Kemi / Tornio, Sodankylä, Kemijärvi, Inari and Kittilä.