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Operation of the Regional Council of Lapland

The Regional Council of Lapland is a regional, politically steered joint municipal board.

The Regional Council of Lapland is responsible for the regional development of the area and the regional land use planning. It manages the national development programme work related to the national and EU structural funds, and operates as the administrative authority of the Kolarctic ENPI programme. The Council is also in charge of international cooperation efforts in the region. The Regional Rescue Services of Lapland - in charge of the regional safety and rescue operations - operate under the Council.

Safeguarding interests

One of the most important tasks of the Regional Council of Lapland is safeguarding the interests of Lapland to promote decision-making favourable to the region in both the public and private sectors. The safeguarding operations aim at affecting the state budget. Safeguarding interests means operating in close collaboration with the regional members of parliament, the municipalities and the political district organisations.


According to the treaty of the Regional Council of Lapland, the Council shall operate for the good of the region, its municipalities and inhabitants in all issues regarding development, planning, research and the representation of interests in the region.

Tasks of the Regional Council of Lapland:

1. Encouraging and protecting the common interests of the region and its municipalities as well as promoting the mental and material prosperity in the region together with developing the municipal, social and health-related, cultural, educational, environmental, and economic issues of the region, in cooperation with the municipalities.

2. Performing the regional land use and development planning tasks of joint municipal boards as stipulated in the Land Use and Building Act (Maankäyttö- ja rakennuslaki), no. 132 of 1999.

3. Performing tasks of the statutory regional development authority in accordance with the Finnish legislation on regional policies.

4. Arranging the regional rescue services as stipulated by the Finnish Act on Formation of the Rescue Service Regions (Laki pelastustoimen alueiden muodostamisesta) no. 1214 of 2001.

5. Performing any other statutory tasks that are based on the Finnish legislation.