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The North Calotte Council


The North Calotte Council is a Nordic cross-border cooperation organisation, funded mainly by the Nordic Council of Ministers.


Geographically, the North Calotte covers provinces of Nordland, Troms, and Finnmark in Norway, the region of Lapland in Finland, and the County of Norrbotten in Sweden. The representatives of authorities responsible for the regional policies and the economy take part in the operations of the North Calotte Council.


The Regional Council of Lapland operates as the chair of the North Calotte Council in 2009 to 2010. The secretariat of the North Calotte Council also operates in the Regional Council of Lapland.


Focal points of the North Calotte cooperation include:

  • regional politics
  • development of the economy and the infrastructure
  • communication and traffic services
  • research and educational cooperation
  • development of shared service solutions across national borders.

New cooperation models can be discovered by sharing experiences and practices. A significant part of the operations of the North Calotte Council is arranging the match funding for the projects in the Interreg IV A North programme.