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Interreg IV A North


INTERREG IV A North is an EU programme that supports cross-border cooperation during the programme period 2007-2013. The objective of the programme is to support economical and social development in the programme region through cooperation across national borders. The programme area covers the Northern regions of Sweden, Finland, and Norway as well as the Sámi Area. The County Administrative Board of Norrbotten operates as the administrative authority of the Interreg IVA North programme during the 2007-2013 programme period.



Funding from the Interreg IV A North programme is only granted for projects whose participants come from at least two countries. If operators from all three countries take part in the project, it is considered an advantage when granting the funding for the project. The project must have one lead partner that manages the project application with the administrative authorities on behalf of the other participants. The applicant shall decide together which organisation will operate as the lead partner.


One or more partners from one country may participate in the project. In addition to the lead partner for the project, all countries with several participants shall agree on a lead partner from that country, if the lead partner for the entire project is not from that particular country. The national lead partner shall manage the matters related to the project on behalf of the national partners with the authority that grants the national government counterpart funding and the lead partner of the whole project.