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Roadmap for Lapland - The strategic development of tourism and travel in Lapland, 2010-2012

Travel and tourism in Lapland is developed on a strategic level with the Roadmap for Lapland project. The project activities include devising a tourism strategy for Lapland, the strategic management of the security system for tourism, and the development of coordination between the tourism branch and the creative industries with a coordination team for the creative industries.

Tourism strategy for Lapland 2015-2018

The tourism strategy guides the development of tourism in the region by defining the starting points and focus areas for development. The objective is to promote the competitiveness and growth of the tourism industry in Lapland, to support the development work of the tourist centres and areas, and to increase the effect of public funding allocated for the development of tourism.

Lapland Tourism strategy 2015 - 2018, powerpoint

Tourism in statistics

The Regional Council of Lapland orders statistical information on overnight stays from the most important tourist attractions and areas in Lapland. The monthly statistics are updated with a two-month delay. Please click here for the statistics (information in Finnish).