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Lapland's energy strategy

The objective in the drafting of Lapland's energy strategy has been to bring energy-related matters more strongly into the regional strategic planning, as the importance of the energy sector is constantly growing.

Lapland's well-being programme

The well-being programme of Lapland is a shared effort to develop the well-being of the region. The vision, objectives, development activities and the monitoring gauges of well-being are defined in the programme. The programme is intended as a tool and guideline for the municipal development programmes and activities related to well-being.

The National Broadband Strategy in Lapland

One of the tasks of the Regional Councils is to devise a project for the construction of broadband networks in cooperation with the municipalities. The Regional Council of Lapland has launched the The National Broadband Strategy in Lapland, which aims at preparing the preliminary project plans as well as coordinating and managing the project planning in the individual municipalities in the region.

Lapland Tourism Strategy

The tourism strategy guides the development of tourism in the region by defining the starting points and focus areas for the development. The objective is to promote the competitiveness and growth of the tourism industry in Lapland, support the development work of the tourist centres and areas, and increase the effect of the public funding allocated for the development of tourism.

The strategy for the creative industries

The first joint strategy for the creative industries in Lapland is a business-oriented development plan for the period 2008 to 2013 that aims at improving the operational conditions of businesses and at increasing the attractiveness of the region.

The youth programme

The youth programme brings forth the vision of young people and people working with youth on the ways in which Lapland should be developed. The programme presents issues that are important to young people, the commitment of the people working with youth, the focal points of the operations, and suggested activities. The programme has been created on the terms of the region, and it operates as a tool in decision-making that will affect the youth.

More information on the strategies is available here in Finnish.