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Regional Development Plan and Regional Strategic Programme of Lapland

The Regional Council is responsible for the planning and development of the region.

Regional Development Plan

The regional development plan is a description of the joint and desired development direction for Lapland, which the operators in the region strive towards. The policy definitions further guide the allocation of the development funding, safeguarding of interests, regional land use planning and planning of other area use. Read more on the regional development plan 2030.

Regional Strategic Programme

The medium-term regional strategic programme is drafted on the basis of the regional development plan. The regional strategic programme describes in detail how and with which central projects the strategy is implemented. In addition, the programme describes how the national special programmes - such as the Regional Cohesion and Competitiveness Programme and the Centre of Expertise Programme - are implemented in Lapland. The regional strategic programme also includes a financing plan and assessment report as well as a Sámi culture section, which is prepared by the Finnish Sámi Parliament. Read more on the regional strategic programme.