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Experience the thrill of speed with a snowmobile ride! There are plenty of snowmobiling services and marked routes in Lapland, so you have plenty to choose from.

The long snowmobiling season, snow guarantee and above all the fell hillside terrains of Lapland are simply irresistible for many snowmobile enthusiasts. What makes Lapland even more attractive for snowmobiling is the huge network of snowmobile trails that take riders over fell highlands, through snow laden forests and over frozen waterways.

Whizz around thousands of kilometres of snowmobile trails
You can often access the marked snowmobile routes from the holiday resorts and the immediate vicinities of inhabited areas. As you leave the built-up areas, you have at your disposal an entirety of snowmobile routes covering thousands of kilometres of routes. If you are an experienced snowmobiler, you can snowmobile your way from Rovaniemi right up to the wilds of the ‘arm of Finland’ safely following marked routes.

Perfect snowmobiling services
Lapland’s natural settings are perfectly supplemented with a comprehensive range of services, such as ready-made and programmed snowmobile safaris or tailor-made guidance services according to your requirements.

First-timers have the opportunity to get a feel for this thrilling snow sport in Lapland with the expert help of a professional guide. Snowmobile hire is easily arranged at the destination for a couple of hours or perhaps a whole week. You can also choose from single or two-seater snowmobiles.

Participating in a snowmobile safari is the best way to explore the wintry wilderness of Lapland. You can take a safari with a duration of a couple of hours to a few days. Participants are provided all the necessary equipment to use for the duration of the safari, so thee is no need to acquire these from somewhere else. The safari routes have been carefully planned so as not to cause damage to nature.

Snowmobile Highway Code
The snowmobile routes are marked in the terrain with a cross symbol, reflectors and sometimes with temporary ribbons. The waterways, road crossings and other points requiring special care and attention found along the route are marked with official traffic signs.

Snowmobile riders use the routes at their own risk, and public traffic regulations need to be adhered to. If you want to stray from the officially marked snowmobile routes, you will need permission from the landowner, as snowmobiling does not belong to Everyman’s Rights. You can be certain you won’t get bored with the snowmobile routes, as the routes cover thousands of kilometres.

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