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Reindeer sleigh rides

Reindeer sleigh rides

.An essential part of a true Lappish holiday experience is a reindeer sleigh ride. In the Lapland of days gone by, people and goods were moved from one place to the next in a small sleigh pulled by a reindeer.

Piece of Lapland’s History
Before the snowmobile became popular in Lapland, the reindeer was needed for almost everything – also for travel. Nowadays the reindeer is still an important source of nutrition and handicraft materials in Lapland, even though the animal is now rarely used for travel. Nevertheless, reindeer sleigh rides are ever more popular among tourists and for good reason – a reindeer sleigh excursion allows the visitor to get a true taste of an important part of Lappish culture.

Reindeer sleigh ride just the way you want
You can choose a reindeer sleigh ride that best suits you – from a half-kilometre sprint to a trip over tens of kilometres – depending on your requirements and skills. You can either control the reindeer yourself from the sleigh, or simply sit back and enjoy the ride. On a reindeer sleigh ride you have the opportunity to savour some real sooty pot coffee or savour lunch in a Lappish tepee structure.

A reindeer sleigh ride is worth combining with a visit to a nearby reindeer farm. This is also a good way to gain understanding of local reindeer livelihood. Actual reindeer farms can be found from e.g. Salla.

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