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Husky sled rides

Husky sled rides

Can you imagine yourself being pulled on a sled by huskies? The grand husky team leads you through the wintry countryside, allowing you to concentrate on enjoying and admiring the surrounding nature, while the huskies enjoy doing their own job.

On the trail of the Inuit
The husky dog sled team, a way of travel first developed by the Inuit of Greenland, is naturally perfectly suited for the arctic conditions of Finnish Lapland. Lapland has also been the venue for a number of different husky sled dog competitions for already over a decade. Husky safaris are very popular in Lapland.

Take control of a team of huskies!
Controlling a team of huskies is easy, so it is well worth trying! The number of huskies in the team depends on the amount of supplies carried, the weight of the musher and the distance covered on the safari. Trips are tailored to suit everyone, and can fluctuate from short sprints covering just over a kilometre up to a husky sled dog adventure taking up to ten days and nights. During longer and more demanding trips, overnight stays are done in wilderness cabins equipped with sauna. 

Husky dog team excursions are arranged all over Lapland in holiday resorts and populated areas.

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