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Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing enthusiasts will be please to see that the sport has held its position as one of Lapland’s most attractive tourist products. It’s no wonder, as the guaranteed snow cover of Lapland, the picturesque nature and well maintained cross-country skiing trail networks make cross-country skiing a fascinating pastime for beginners to professional skiers. Your level of fitness will also improve, as this diverse sport refreshes the mind and does your heart, blood circulation and muscles plenty of good.

Start skiing in October!
The first cross-country skiing trails are usually opened in the beginning of October when the snow cannons are used to prepare the trails for the most enthusiastic skiers already during the late autumn. More trails are opened as the winter progresses. The skiing season in Lapland officially comes to a close with the Kilpisjärvi Midsummer Skiing Event, so the season is pretty long!

Thousands of kilometres to ski
You can easily get on the cross-country skiing trails as well maintained trails can be found close to villages and towns. However, the most expansive and diverse routes are found in connection with national parks and holiday resorts, the longest of which covers nearly 300 kilometres. Well maintained routes can be found from the clean landscapes of the fells and in the forests.

Excellent equipment services
You don’t even need to have your own equipment, as everything you need may be hired from the holiday resorts. On top of this, the Lappish activity programme companies arrange a variety of guided skiing trips for beginners and the more experienced alike. Skiing is a versatile pastime that offers challenges for all, regardless of sex or physical condition. You can depart on a long skiing trek lasting a number of days, stay overnight in cabins and even eat around the campfire under the lean-to shelter. Or you can take a skiing trip lasting only a few hours and take a lovely break with hot drinks at the ski trail cafés.

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