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Wilderness areas


Seasoned hikers that have already seen everything will find a suitable destination among the 12 wilderness areas in Lapland. These areas are ideal for hikers looking for the peace and quiet of nature. The areas are spread throughout Lapland, from Forest Lapland (e.g. Tuntsa) all the way to northern Fell Lapland with its fells and mountain birch forests (e.g. Käsivarsi, Paistunturi, Kaldoaivi). There are also areas shaped by large rivers (Hammastunturi, Kemihaara).

The wilderness areas of Lapland are vast, uninhabited areas where you need good orienteering and camping skills. There are no marked trails or open wilderness huts there, apart from a few exceptions.

The wilderness areas are traditional hunting and fishing areas that continue to play a significant role in the lives of people who pursue these activities.

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