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Open Wilderness Hut – Hiker’s Haven

The extensive network of open wilderness huts in Lapland makes it easier to go on hikes requiring overnight stays, even in the winter. Open wilderness huts are usually located in the trackless wilderness.

Metsähallitus has more than 200 huts in Lapland, and they are available for independent hikers to use. Most of the huts are open huts, where you can stay free of charge for a night or two. In some places there are also reservable and rental huts where you pay a fee to ensure a bed for the night. Some of the huts – that is, the day trip huts – are only meant to be used as rest stops during the day.

Tourism businesses may only use open wilderness huts as rest spots for their groups with permission from Metsähallitus.

Room for All at a Pinch
Descriptions of the Metsähallitus open wilderness huts and other huts are available at The hut locations on the map are available at There are certain guidelines for using the huts to ensure a pleasant experience for all.

The pages provide instructions on how to stay in the huts and be considerate towards other hikers.

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