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National hiking areas

National hiking areas are areas intended for hiking and other recreational activities in the outdoors. The areas are provided with hiking structures, such as marked trails, campfire sites, lean-to shelters and open wilderness huts. These areas are very suitable for both shorter day trips and longer hikes.

There are two national hiking areas in Lapland: Arctic Circle and Inari. They are not official hiking areas but they have been established independently by Metsähallitus. They offer the same services as the official hiking areas.

Arctic Circle Hiking Area
As its name suggests, the Arctic Circle Hiking Area is situated on the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi. It is a very suitable destination for visits throughout the year and is easily accessible by coach. The area is situated between the Vikaköngäs and Vaattunkiköngäs Rapids and offers a comprehensive network of trails and rest spots. The River Raudanjoki gives water enthusiasts the chance to pursue water activities. At Vikaköngäs, you can go fishing, even on a sudden notion, by obtaining the fishing licence through your mobile phone!

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Inari Hiking Area
Lake Inarijärvi, together with the surrounding Juutua area, forms a hiking area that offers a variety of opportunities for outdoor activities in northern Lapland all year round.

Lake Inarijärvi is a challenging place for canoeing. The weather conditions change quickly but, at their best, offer the canoeist a surface as smooth as glass. In the winter, you can go ski trekking on the lake. On the other hand, you can also explore the area by going snowmobiling or dog sledding. On the islands you will find open wilderness huts and rental cabins, and several places to rest by a campfire site. The opportunities for recreational fishing are excellent all year round.

At the western corner of the lake is the village of Inari, a meeting place of cultures. Even today, the lake shores are inhabited by three different Sámi peoples.

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