Lapland - Above ordinary
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Longer hikes

After gaining some hiking experience, you may like to test your skills by going on a longer hike along the trails marked in the terrain. The routes have been planned in such a way that you will find campfire sites, open wilderness huts and other man-made hiking structures along the trail.
» Hiking Trails in Lapland

Hiking Off the Marked Trails
In Lapland you will find the largest uninhabited, pristine areas in Finland. The wilderness areas of northern Lapland offer an ideal environment for seasoned hikers who wish to enjoy the peace and quiet of the wilderness and hike without bumping into other hikers.

Wilderness areas are vast uninhabited areas. The overall aim is to preserve the wilderness character of these areas, to protect the Sámi culture and their natural sources of livelihood, and also to develop the diverse use of nature and the preconditions for it. There are some hiking trails in the wilderness areas, but otherwise they are more suitable for experienced hikers to explore.

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