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Salla - In the middle of nowhere

 You can feel at home in idyllic Salla. Life in the wilderness is a little different, allowing you to breathe easily to the rhythm of the wilderness…

The rugged landscapes of Salla are the birthplace of Finnish cross-country skiing. As far as is known, people were skiing in Salla before the Common Era, which is evident from the oldest ski in the world found in Salla that is over 5,000 years old. Salla was also the venue for Finland’s first downhill racing and slalom Finnish championships back in 1937. The well-established professionalism obtained combined with the diverse downhill skiing slopes and cross-country skiing trails to provide skiing experiences difficult to find elsewhere.

Salla is surrounded by Europe’s largest wilderness region that lives its own life as it has done for millions of years – being tranquil and picturesque, wild and unable to be tamed. The proximity of Russia and the international border crossing point give the region its own mystic exoticism. You can feel the atmosphere made by history when you visit the numerous battlefields of the Second World War. War left its mark in nature, marks that can still be seen today; with war material, trenches, bunkers and landmarks.

The diverse and high standard of services in Salla assures home-like comforts, and still provides the perfect getaway from everyday life. There is no need to compromise home comforts and services, completely the opposite. In Salla, you can rest your head on soft pillows in hotels or cabins, with different sizes and standards available. Restaurant services, shops, spa, activity services and other services required by visitors are at your disposal throughout the year. Professional and experienced guides will take you on excursions and safaris into the excitement of the wilderness by snowmobiles, huskies, reindeer, snowshoes, ATVs, canoes and even church boats.

Sights and places to visit

Hautajärvi Visitor Centre

The Hautajärvi Visitor Centre presents the Oulanka National Park, the Bear’s Trail and the history of the region, as well as providing information about the special characteristics of the bog nature. The Visitor Centre provides you information about outdoor pursuits, services in the region and Metsähallitus (former Finnish Forest & Park Service).
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Riutukka Log Floating Facility

The Riutukka log floating facility is located along the Raakunjoki River. The Raakunjoki River belongs to the River Kemijoki waterway which in its heyday had log floating routes covering a total of almost 4,000 kilometres. The Riutukka logging and log floating buildings and log floating chutes were restored in 1991 – 1992 to cater to reindeer herdsmen, other local inhabitants, and people visiting the region. More information from

Salla Reindeer Park
The main building of the Reindeer Park houses the Forest Hall Exhibition, predator display and visiting art exhibitions. There is also a cafeteria, souvenir shop and an auditorium seating 130 persons. A reindeer park covering 200 hectares with reindeer and hiking trails. Activity programmes in the summer and winter. Further information available from:
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Oulanka National Park
The Oulanka National Park is located in the South Salla and Kuusamo regions. The Oulanka National Park is an excellent place for organising excursions. The popular Karhunkierros (Bear’s Trail) travels through the park. Shorter day trips lasting a few hours can also give you a good overall picture of the Oulanka nature and enable you to enjoy the surrounding national landscapes.
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Revontuli Spa
The spa completed in spring 2007 in connection with Hotel Revontuli provides visitors with opportunities for relaxation between fun activities and nature experiences. The spa has breathtaking views over the downhill skiing slopes on the Salla Fell and easy access to cross-country skiing and hiking trails. More details available from
Tuntsa Wilderness Region
Located in North Salla, the Tuntsa Wilderness Region boasts views over Europe’s largest wilderness that continues far over the border into Russia. Tuntsa is a popular area for excursions, fishing and hunting. The UKK route traverses the entire Tuntsa wilderness region, which makes exploring the area easy.
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Tourist information

Salla Tourist Information


Postipolku 3
FIN-98900 Salla


+358 400 269 838




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Ski resort

You can witness the uniqueness of the Salla Ski Resort when you ascend the fell. Spectacular landscapes and fell nature is displayed right the way through to Russia. Families, snowboarders and New School enthusiasts enjoy the blue eastern slopes and the red front slope and Snow Park. There are plenty of off-piste areas for experts and a slalom slope that is challenging enough for national slalom teams to use it as a practice ground. The children’s own slope is safely located on the lower sections of the front slope in the grounds of the Keloravintola silver pine log restaurant. The same area houses a ski slope service building with an equipment hire and service shop for all sorts of equipment for using on snow and a Ski School with instruction in all styles of skiing. Under the same roof is the Ski Shop and cafeteria. The lower ski lift station is within walking distance of the ski resort restaurants and numerous accommodation establishments.


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370km, 290km of which have been classified according to difficulty