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Posio - The magic of Lapland

 Posio is a district in South Lapland of tourism and ceramics and plenty of possibilities, the heartland of the old Lappish region. Posio is renowned for being the home of the Pentik company, untouched wilderness, abundance of waterways, attractive holiday home destinations, snow and ice.

Posio’s appealing nature attracts nature loving visitors throughout the year. Posio has become especially popular for ice climbing, fishing, hunting and hiking along nature trails, to name just a few. There are plenty of fishing possibilities available in Posio – with over 3,000 lakes and ponds in the region.

One of Posio’s most significant sights is the Pentik Mäki complex with factory shop outlet, museum and exhibitions, the ethnographic museum in the village of Lohiranta, Riisitunturi National Park, the rugged Korouoma excursion area, sparkling clear waters of the Kitkajärvi and Livojärvi lakes, as well as the sandy beaches of Livojärvi and Hietajärvi lakes that stretch for kilometres. The shore of the Livojärvi Lake is actually termed “Lapland’s Riviera”. The Syöte National Park is also partly located within the Municipality of Posio region.

The Kiri slopes provide the thrill of speed for downhill skiers young and old. The Kirintövaara downhill skiing centre provides opportunities for meaningful experiences on family slopes.

Sights and places to visit

Pentik Mäki
Pentik Mäki is a renowned cultural and shopping tourism complex in Posio. It is also the world’s northernmost ceramics factory with sales outlet. All under the same roof, you can explore collections of ceramics and design as well as shopping for interior design products from Pentik’s wide range.
Riisitunturi National Park
Popular places to visit in the Riisitunturi National Park include the Riisitunturi Fell summit and the landscape sites along the excursion trails. The hillside landscapes of the park have excellent hiking facilities throughout the entire park. The Riisitunturi National Park is also a winter park rich with meaningful experiences. You are allowed to ski cross-country in all parts of the park.
Korouoma Canyon
Korouoma is a rugged canyon hundreds of millions of years old that is an outstanding recreational area for outdoor pursuits. The canyon and its high cliffs form a breathtakingly rugged landscape to enjoy throughout the year. You can freely walk, ski, row, paddle or even climb the ice in the Korouoma region, as well as practice practical keep-fit by picking berries and mushrooms. There are also great fishing possibilities in Korouoma.
Erätalonpojan Keinot
Erätalonpojan Keinot is a new type of tourist trail opened in Posio, where 35 roadside information boards await you, telling of the skills, living conditions and thoughts of the peasantry culture inhabitants of Posio in the early twentieth century. Choose a trail that appeals most and hike to admire the Posio landscapes at the same time and discover a connection with the local inhabitants.

Tourist information

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