Lapland - Above ordinary
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Spend Your Dream Holiday in Lapland

Spend Your Dream Holiday in Lapland


Lapland is the largest, most genuine experience park in Finland. Its unique nature, diverse activities and fascinating attractions offer unique holiday experiences throughout the year. Experience the moments of twilight in mid-winter, northern lights, autumn colours and the midnight sun that shines day and night.

This section contains information on the activities and experiences awaiting you in Lapland and introduces you to different areas and their holiday destinations.

The Path is Yours to Find

Nature and its four seasons create an ideal backdrop for the wide range of travel services available in Lapland. The twelve tourist areas of Lapland offer guests unforgettable experiences all year round. Winter's white snow and the drifts of spring give way to the awakening of nature as Lapland is illuminated with summer light. Summer bows to the colourful array of autumn and the magical polar nights of Christmastime.
The culture of Lapland is a mixture of north and south, east and west. The culture of Lapland is broadly understood as the way of life and how to make a living. Sámi people, living in Lapland, are among the largest indigenous ethnic groups in Europe. And let's not forget - Finnish Lapland is also the home of Santa Claus and his reindeers.