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Unofficial translation from Finnish to English


in accordance with section 10 of the Finnish Act on Personal Data (523/99)

1. Name of Register Register

2. Date of Preparation of Register Account


3. Keeper of Register

The Regional council of Lapland
Business ID: 0937073-7
Postal Address: 96100 Rovaniemi, Finland
Street Address: Hallituskatu 20 B
Telephone: +358 (0) 40 359 1000

4. Person Dealing With Register Related Issues

Eeva Helameri
Tel. +358(0)40 711 8399
Email: eeva.helameri(a)

5. Purpose of Handling Personal Data

The grounds for handling the personal data is to enable appropriate realisation of distribution of information, offering and delivery of products and services, organisation of researches, campaigns and competitions as well as carrying out advertising and marketing directed to the users (the "Users") of the WWW pages maintained by the keeper of the register. More closely the data is handled for the establishment, realisation and implementation of a customer relationship or another contractual relationship, an appropriate identification of the individual participating in a competition or campaign, carrying out the publicity, analysing, statistics keeping, maintaining and development activities necessary for a membership, contractual relationship or alike connection,  , as well as the purposes for which the User has unambiguously given his/her permission.

6. Data Contents of Register

The User-specific data contents may vary dependent on the quality of use carried out by the User.
As the general data concerning the Users the register includes: Name, name of the company/association represented by the User, postal address, telephone number,  e-mail address.

For the purpose of enabling the measures necessary for carrying out and securing the services subject to a charge, customer relationships and making of agreements the register may, in addition to the general data, include the following data: customer or user code or alike information for identification; rank or profession; home municipality; telefax number; country of residence and taxation; possible business ID;  trade name, business ID, postal address, telephone numbers, telefax numbers and www address of the association represented by the User,  position within the association; trade name, business ID, postal address, telephone numbers, telefax numbers and www address of the employer; commencement date of the customer relationship or other contractual relationship; membership in a specific customer program or group, as well as objects of interest and other profiling information provided by the User himself/herself.

7. Regular Sources of Data

The data is collected from the User himself/herself in connection with registration, use of a service or participation in other activity on the WWW pages that requires data.

8. Regular Alienations of Data. Transfer of Data Outside EU or EEA

The Regional Council of Lapland will not alienate to third parties the Personal Data it has collected. 

9. Description of Protection Principles of Register

As to the protection of the register the following principles are observed: The use of the register is instructed,  the data contained in the register is accessible only to individuals defined in advance in relation to their work,  the data is collected to electronic data bases that are located in servers protected by updated technical means, the servers containing the data are located in premises that are locked and provided with appropriate access supervision, and possible external service providers are contracted in writing so that the agreements presume confidentiality of data handling as well as the data protection being in accordance with the description set forth herein.

10. Right to Inspection and Prohibition. Data Protection Authorities

The User is hereby notified of that the User is in accordance with section 26 of the Finnish Act of Personal Data entitled to inspect the data that is stored into the register in relation to him/her. The requests for exercising this right of inspection can be represented to the keeper of the register either in writing by using the contact information set forth above in sections 3 and 4 of this register account or personally in the address set forth above in section 3 of this register account.

Furthermore, the User is hereby notified of that the User is in accordance with section 30 of the Finnish Act of Personal Data entitled to prohibit the keeper of the register from handling the data concerning the User for direct advertising, distance sales and other direct marketing as well as for polls, market researches, person-register and genealogy.

Finally, the User is hereby notified of that the Ombudsman for Data Protection provides, as the authority referred to in the Finnish Act on Personal Data, guidance and advice on handling and supervision of the personal data as well as supervises the handling of personal data. Additionally, the Ombudsman for Data Protection makes certain decisions concerning the realisation of the right of inspection of personal data as more closely provided by the law. Further information as to the data protection authorities in Finland can be found at