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Nordic walking

Nordic walking

It was around a decade ago that the Finns got enthusiastic about Nordic walking. The pastime already started quite a long time ago, back when herders and pilgrims used sticks to help them traverse the terrain. Skiers have of course used sticks for decades even in summertime practicing of the sport. According to research conducted in 2006, Finland has approximately 1.5 million Nordic walking enthusiasts.

In Lapland, Nordic walking can be practiced with a guide in almost every holiday resort, and of course no-one tells you that the sticks can’t be used on hiking routes as well!

Nordic Fitness Sports Park™ concept Nordic walking parks provide the opportunity for keep fit exercise with the guidance of a professional instructor. The Nordic walking routes have been mapped, marked and classified as entireties suitable for a variety of different exercises. Lapland’s Nordic Fitness Sports Parks can be found in Levi, Ylläs, Pyhä – Luosto and Rovaniemi. 

All you need are the sticks
In order to start practicing this sport all you need are the sticks and shoes good for walking. Good Nordic walking sticks have strong hand straps that may be adjusted so the strap isn't too tight. The actual stick needs to be lightweight and flexible to enable it to work well in a variety of terrains. Finally, make sure you have the correct stance and then off you go!

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