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Nature watching

Nature watching

The summertime nature provides something for everyone to watch. You can get close to Lappish flora and fauna from the panoramic viewing spots and nature trails. In the recreational forests you can explore the forests of Lapland.

To help you spot the flora and fauna you should take a guidebook along that will help identify what you find. Binoculars are also good to have with you, especially if the object you are watching is further away in the distance.

Go berry picking and savour the delights!
You can go berry picking in just about any part of Lapland you want with consideration for the Everyman’s Rights. The most popular berries to pick in Lapland are blueberries, lingonberries, cranberries, crowberries and cloudberries.

Ripe and ready to pick in the beginning of August, the cloudberry mainly thrives in the tussocks of open swamps with few trees, fuscum pine swamps and backwoods with low nutrient levels.  The cloudberry is very good for you, as it contains plenty of vitamin C and minerals. When going on a berry picking trip, remember to take along a container to keep your berries, and it is also worth taking along something to eat and drink.

More information on berry picking can be found from here:

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