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The abundance of waterways in Lapland and the richness of fish species guarantee you will have unforgettable fishing experiences in the nightless night of Lapland. You can go fishing on inland waters or the sea, and you may even be lucky enough to catch the provincial fish of Lapland – the salmon. Fishing laws and decrees determine the Finnish fishing permit system. More information about fishing permit practices in Finland can be found from the website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Lure fishing can be practiced in Lapland’s water regions on state-owned lure fishing regions and recreational fishing regions. It is also possible to fish on private waters using only the permit issued by the owner of the fishing waterway. In this case, it is not necessary to purchase the provincial lure fishing permit. Private, joint permit region waterways are, for instance located on the Tornionjoki, Ounasjoki and Lower Kemijoki rivers. You need a permit to practice lure fishing.

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