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Canoeing is an activity suitable for the whole family, and you can get paddling as soon as you have hired good equipment. There are a number of canoeing routes in Lapland of varying difficulties, so beginners and professionals will be able to enjoy just the right amount of challenges. Some of Lapland’s better known canoeing routes include e.g. the spectacular landscapes of the Äkäsjoki River – Muonionjoki River route in Ylläs, the free-flowing River Tornionjoki with verdant landscapes, the rushing Näätämöjoki River route on the Norwegian side of the border, and the expansive Lake Inarijärvi in Northern Lapland.

Visit the Canoeing Mecca
The most famous canoeing destination in Lapland, and perhaps the whole of Finland is Muonio, the “Canoeing Mecca” where you can find Europe’s coolest and most free running rivers – Könkämöeno, Lätäseno, Muonionjoki and Tornionjoki – offering experienced canoeists true experiences. Muonio is also the venue for one of the main stages of the Arctic Canoe Race that has been classed as the toughest canoeing competitions in the world.

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