Lapland - Above ordinary
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Study on Top of the World

Study on Top of the World

Welcome to study in Lapland, on top of the world! Lapland features the northernmost university of the European Union as well as studying and training programmes that qualify students for a variety of fields. Thanks to its excellent transport connections and unique nature, Lapland is constantly popular among foreign exchange students and also the place to live, learn and have a good time! This section contains information on the education available in Lapland.

Studying in Lapland

Finnish Lapland offers you top-rate education in exotic, captivating surroundings. Lapland is the northernmost region in the European Union, so come study with us and experience the wonders of the Arctic!
Aiming high?

We boast four higher education institutes: the University of Lapland, Lapland University of Applied Sciences and HUMAK University of Applied Sciences. Our universities offer high quality education in many different fields. Find out more about Lapland's study opportunities and schools.

Getting a degree?

Finnish Lapland also offers many opportunities to study in various fields of secondary education. We make professionals - you can become a music technologist, reindeer breeder, aircraft mechanic or tourism service provider, for instance. Find out more about Lapland's study opportunities and schools.

Other education

Our folk high schools and adult education centres also offer great opportunities to develop your skills. Find out more about the study opportunities and schools.