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Degree Education in Lapland

Do you want to become a physiotherapist, musician, teacher, artist, professional in tourism, sports instructor or an engineer, for example? Do you perhaps want to train for your own sport and study for your dream profession at the same time?

The schools and institutions of higher education in Lapland provide a wide range of subjects from which you can choose the most suitable one for yourself.

If you consider upper secondary or vocational studies, it is worthwhile to also consider the vocational upper secondary schools. In vocational upper secondary schools you can complete a double degree which also includes a vocational degree in addition to the matriculation. The completion of a double degree is possible in almost every municipality of Lapland.

For adult students there are studies available ranging from vocational colleges to upper secondary schools and the institutions of higher education. You can complete a vocational basic degree or shorter supplementary and specialised studies. In the institutions of higher education, it is possible to continue from a basic degree level to a polytechnic degree. Explore the selection on the websites of higher education institutions and extension studies.

Make Sports Your Profession

Lapland Sports Academy in Rovaniemi is a network of educational institutions and co-operating partners with the goal of successfully combining studying and a career in sports. Read more about the activities of Lapland Sports Academy.