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Nature Watching


Spring is the time when the Lappish nature comes to life, offering opportunities for a wide range of activities. The panoramic viewing points are perfect for admiring the beautiful landscapes, and you can get closer to flora by wandering the nature trails.

The recreational forests are excellent for exploring the forests of Lapland. For example the Arctic Circle hiking area will take you along nature trails to explore the nature of Lapland. Spot birds and experience the life of the reindeer. Nature Centres in Lapland have useful information on various species of flora and fauna.

Observe and be astounded
Nature watching may be done without any special equipment or experience, just make sure you leave all your senses open to the variety of experiences awaiting you. In addition to having plenty of spectacular sceneries to admire, nature is also overflowing with life. Even the younger members of the family can find plenty about nature that’s exciting and new.

To help you spot the flora and fauna you should take a guidebook along that will help identify what you find. Binoculars are also good to have with you, especially if the object you are watching is further away.

At least you should be able to spot reindeer and rough-legged buzzard
The most common animal is the reindeer that is an essential part of Lappish nature. Reindeer are perfectly suited for the harsh conditions of Lapland. Lapland has around 200,000 reindeer. The most common bird of prey in Lapland is the rough-legged buzzard that is related to the buzzard. The largest populations of Finland’s eagles live in Lapland. The most likely birds you will be able to spot are the meadow pipit, northern wheatear and willow warbler that thrive among birch stands.

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