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When the last of Lapland’s snow thaws in May, the best time for hiking begins. You can take a hike into the Lappish nature on a trip lasting a day or two, or perhaps even a trek lasting a few weeks.

Follow the hiking trails or let your compass show you the way
You can hike on ready marked routes – or grab a compass and map and take your own route. There are numerous routes of different lengths and levels of difficulty. The majority of Lapland’s hiking routes are located in connection with national parks and holiday resorts. Well known routes include the Pallas – Ounastunturi, Ylläs – Aakenus – Levi and the three nation Calotte route. Other popular hiking areas include the Pyhätunturi National Park, the Luosto district and the renowned UK-route.

All types of accommodation
Along the hiking routes there are accommodation alternatives ranging from lean-to shelters and wilderness cabins to luxury cabin accommodation. Cabin accommodation should be booked in advance. The hiking areas of Metsähallitus (formerly Finnish Forest & Park Service) have well maintained and marked nature trails, camping grounds, campfire spots and lean-to shelters. Wilderness cabins are unlocked overnight and daytime cabins open to all trekkers travelling independently in the wilderness. The wilderness cabins are normally located in areas with no road access.

Equipment wise to take with you
The equipment you should take with you on a hike depends on the season, how demanding the trail is, and your plans for accommodation. If you decide to go hiking before the first snowfall and you plan to overnight in well-equipped cabins while on a hike traversing marked routes, it is worth thinking about what clothes would be the most suitable to bring along.

However, if you would prefer to sleep in a tent on your hike and take your own route, your equipment should include at least the following: compass, map, tent and all the necessary basic equipment, not forgetting that you should have advanced orienteering skills.

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