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The answer to how Santa manages to distribute so many gifts in such a short time is one of the most closely guarded Santa secrets. We can reveal that the differences in time zones and the speed of Santa’s reindeer play a part in the amazing feat. Furthermore, children in different parts of the world receive gifts on different days starting from the birthday of Saint Nicholas through to the Epiphany. The ultimate answer has something to do with the magic of Christmas, but no-one but Santa Claus actually knows the secret.

   Santa’s Sleigh & Sledge

The sledge pulled by a reindeer is Santa’s main form of transportation. It has been made in the same way the ancient Laplanders used to make their sledges. The Laplanders got the idea for the sledge by following the activities of the beaver that when building its winter nest (called a lodge). The beaver holds onto large bunches of aspen twigs used to build the lodge and lies on its back while another beaver pulls it along to the construction site.

The sledge is no good for carrying all the Christmas gifts though. This is when Santa has to use his sleigh. The sleigh is made with the same old methods as the sledge, but it is a lot larger and a number of reindeer are needed to pull it. The number of reindeer needed to pull the sleigh depends how heavy the load is.

Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)
The Northern Lights are created when Aurora the Fox roams the Lappish fell highlands and swishes its bushy tail over the snowdrifts making the snowflakes fly into the air. Many people are unaware of the fact that Santa has actually hired Aurora the Fox to help Santa Claus and the Korvatunturi folk by using the Northern Lights as a form of communication. Santa Claus, Mrs Claus and the elves have their own secret and peculiar whistle they use to call Aurora the Fox to create the Northern Lights when they have something very important to tell one another. The Northern Lights also provide a tremendously superb way of travelling; a form of travel often used by Santa Claus.

Santa Claus..