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Bases in Lapland

Where Santa Lives

As Santa Claus is such an important and popular figure, in addition to Korvatunturi, he has a number of Santa Bases all over Lapland where he greets visitors.

Korvatunturi (Ear Mountain)

Korvatunturi is a fell rising to a height of 483 metres in Finnish Lapland. Its name in Finnish means Ear Mountain due to the three large ears positioned on its summit. These ears function a little bit like satellites triangulating and sucking all the dreams and wishes of adults and children alike into the mountain.

A secret office is located deep within Korvatunturi for processing these dreams and wishes. This is the place where the Wishes, Hopes & Desires Elves receive the transmissions of dreams and wishes and forward them on to Santa Claus, Mrs Claus and the elves working in the workshop. Korvatunturi is also Santa’s home: this is why its secret meandering tunnels can only be accessed by Santa Claus, Mrs Claus and the elves.

Santa's bases in Lapland

Santa Claus village

Santa Claus Village is a unique destination located on the Arctic Circle in the Town of Rovaniemi. Here you can follow a trail telling some of Santa’s secrets and full of experiences that leads you to the new Santa Claus Office, where the much loved Santa Claus is waiting to meet you! At the Santa Claus Village you can also see the very busy elves working at the Santa Claus Main Post Office, explore Finnish Christmas traditions in the Christmas Exhibition and take part in plenty of other fun activities!

Contact details:
Santa Claus Village info Rovaniemi, Finland
+358 (0) 16 356 2096


Located rather close to Rovaniemi in the depths of the forest is the fairytale-like Joulukka where guests can experience the secret wonder of Christmas. Led by the elves, you will have the chance to join a real Elf School, try the Christmas ambiance of the magical Santa Trail, meet the elves or Santa himself doing their Christmas chores. And if you’ve been good, maybe, just maybe you will be allowed access to the Santa Claus Top Secret Command Centre...

Contact details:
ProSanta Oy
+358 50 517 6989


Warm Christmas spirit can be experienced in the very exciting SantaPark, Santa’s own series of underground caves! Amidst the busy elves and sweet gingerbread aromas you may find Santa in his study, watch the energetic Elf Show, and adventure through the wondrous world of four seasons on a sleigh ride.

Contact details::
SantaPark Ltd.
Rovaniemi, Finland
+358 16 333 0000

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