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Emergency and rescue services in Lapland

Emergency Number 112
In Finland we use only one emergency number, 112. Nowadays 112 works throughout the European Union (EU).

Learn more at the Finnish Emergency Response Centre Administration.

Regional Rescue Services of Lapland
The Regional Rescue Services of Lapland are in charge of the safety of citizens and visitors in Lapland. The tasks of the Rescue Services include the prevention of accidents, instructing people on how to act in case of accidents, and organising rescue services quickly and efficiently to all in need under all circumstances.The administration of the Regional Rescue Services is organised under the Regional Council of Lapland.

The Lapland Police Department
The Lapland Police Department is taking care of the Northern Finland. Police Department offers its services in 16 service points on the area of 21 municipalities. On the area of the Police Department lives permanently approximately 182 000 inhabitants, but Lapland Police Department serves numerous tourists on the area as well.