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Tenants in Lapland

For many residents, renting is the easy choice. Both municipalities and private individuals offer rented housing. Finnish law protects both the landlord and the tenant. 


Rented flats can be found in Lapland. Both private individuals and real estate agencies have flats to offer. Municipalities and towns in Lapland also own real estate. Residents for these state-subsidised and interest-subsidised flats are chosen in a particular way. Please visit The Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland for more information on the resident selection process. Check the list of links for municipality-specific websites on rented housing.

Good to remember

  • A landlord can ask for a rent security deposit, usually ranging between one and three months' rent.
  • Before signing the lease, you should check the premises for any damage together with the landlord.
  • As a tenant, you should comply with the house rules and take care of the basic condition of the premises.

Home insurance

It is important and often even obligatory for a resident to have home insurance. In practice, home insurance covers the movable objects inside your home. It's for your own protection against damages.