Lapland - Above ordinary
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Theater in Lapland

Finnish Lapland has many active theaters. Performances by both professionals and amateurs will certainly move the audience. This page has information on the world of stage in Lapland. Welcome to the theater!

The Regional Theater of Lapland, Rovaniemi Theater is Finland's northernmost professional theater. Rovaniemi hosts most plays, but the theater also takes its plays to various places in Lapland. Lapland has another regional theater in Kemi. In addition, many smaller theater groups enrich the world of stage in Lapland.
Make the theater your hobby!

Lapland's adult education centers offer courses in dramatic art and theater.

Puppet theater

Lapland also offers puppet theater. The puppet theater house situated in Rovaniemi offers not only plays but also courses and workshops in the field. The house is where the Puppet Theater Association of Lapland  is situated. The association covers all of Lapland. Read more about their activities (in Finnish) . UNIMA (UNion Internationale de la MArionnette) is an international puppet theater association that has a branch in Finland as well. Find out more about Finnish UNIMA (in Finnish).