Lapland - Above ordinary
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Lapland's traditions

Lapland's unique history is showcased in various museaums and two provincial museums. The Provincial Museum of Lapland 's exhibition in the Arcticum displays the history and nature of Rovaniemi, Peräpohjola and Upper Lapland Sámi Homeland. The Provincial Museum of Tornio Valley includes ethnographical material of Tornio Valley and Lapland. In addition to several arts and local arts-and-crafts museums Lapland has many specialized museums.

Museums show us how people have lived throughout the ages. Data collection, research and expertise are also parts of museums' job description, in addition to exhibitions. Museums together with various officials and the National Board of Antiquities are the preservation authority of antiquities, building heritage and environments valuable due to their cultural history. Read more about the National Board of Antiquities.

If a museum does not have a website in English, the link will to its Finnish site. If the museum does not have a website, it will lead to the Lapland Museum Portal (in Finnish).

Provincial museums

Provincial Museum of Lapland
Provincial Museum of Tornio Valley

A Journey to Lapland's Museums

Lapland has some thirty museums, all of which offer an interesting insight into the area's rich cultural heritage. The local museums are particularly evocative of life in Lapland, conveying the colourful story of Lapland's history, the traditional liveli-hoods in the region and the harsh reality of living in such Northern climes.

Most of the museums are open only during the summer season, so be sure to check the opening hours on the museums' websites. This brochure will give you the locations of all of Lapland's museums.