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Dancing in Lapland

Waltz, rumba, tango, salsa, folk dance, boogie...anything you want! There are a number of active dancing clubs offering activities for your dancing needs. The offerings include courses and teaching, including for children. In the clubs, you can meet other Lappish dance enthusiasts.

When it comes to dancing, suitable facilities are naturally a must. The summery dance pavilions in the astonishing settings of Lapland, dance restaurants in the idyllic fell hotels or in the lively heart of towns are among all the enjoyments you can find in Lapland. Familiarise yourself with Lappish dance facilities.

These lists are updated frequently. In case you know of an event that is not included here, please contact the webmaster of this site.


Dance facilities in Lapland

Hotel Levitunturi

Hotel Luostotunturi

Hotel Pyhätunturi 

Hotel Ylläs Saaga

Kitisen eräkota, Sodankylä (The Kitinen hunting hut in Sodankylä)

Perävaaran huvikeskus, Kemijärvi (The Perävaara leisure centre in Kemijärvi)

Holiday Village Pyhän Asteli, Pelkosenniemi

Rantasipi Pohjanhovi hotel, Rovaniemi

Dance pavilion Riemuliiteri, Äkäslompolo

Saarenkylän ns, Rovaniemi (Saarenkylä youth society in Rovaniemi)

Dance pavilion Suukosken keidas, Tervola

Saariselkä Tunturi Hotel 

Dance pavilion Tähtiranta, Keminmaa

Vaattojärven rantapaviljonki, Kolari (the Vaattojärvi beach pavilion in Kolari)

Restaurant Valdemari, Rovaniemi