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Art in Lapland

Lappish art is being introduced in the Lappish galleries and exhibition spaces of libraries and city halls. You can also find exhibitions in various rest stops and recreational areas for tourists. This page provides information on Lappish exhibition spaces and various art societies. For more information on exhibition spaces, please visit the websites of libraries and culture departments of Lappish municipalities .

The Lappish environment provides an excellent setting for various outdoor events. Oranki Art Artists' Association and its Environmental Art Exhibition in Pello and the RiverLights fire art event in Rovaniemi are examples of events where visitors can enjoy pleasant moments in the open air. For information on other events, please visit the Festivals page of
These lists are updated frequently. In case you know of an event that is not included here, please contact the webmaster of this site.

Studying and engaging in art

Lapland offers several routes for studying independently to become an art professional. Several Lappish vocational colleges and the Faculty of Art and Design of the University of Lapland offer opportunities for art education. For more information, please visit the Education programmes in Lapland leading to a degree page.


For art-related leisure activities, you can attend, for example, courses offered by adult education centres with education offered in various branches of art. More information is available at the adult education centres page.