Lapland - Above ordinary
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Live in the middle of eight seasons


The magic of Lapland lies in fascinating contrasts - when the weather is bright, you can enjoy daylight 24/7, but if it is dark, it will remain so for the whole day. The contrast between rich culture and pure Lappish nature makes everyday life a unique experience. Only here you can live in the middle of nature, paced by different seasons, and yet close to modern services and opportunities to work, study and enjoy recreational activities. The eight seasonal period of Lapland are: Frosty winter, crusty snow, departure of ice, midnight sun, harvest season, colorful autumn, first snow and Christmas. 

This section contains all the information you need about living and housing in Lapland. In Lapland, everyone can easily find a balance between work and relaxation, enjoying every single day of our eight seasons.

Good reasons to move to Lapland

Lapland's fresh nature and rich culture are quintessential parts of the region's enchantment. But that's not all - Lapland is also full of opportunities!

Our many forms of housing, increasing number of jobs, wealth of study opportunities and expertise offer something for everyone. Not to mention our wide selection of recreational activities. You can choose your favourite regardless of whether you live in a larger town or a more peaceful location.

Fresh and diverse nature. The rugged fell landscape and its fast-flowing rivers may be in your neighbourhood - or perhaps even closer. In Lapland, you can experience the true four seasons of the year. Here, winter is winter and summer is summer.

Lapland's nature provides superb settings for outdoor and sporting activities. Whether you enjoy the bustle of ski resorts or the peace and quiet of the wilderness, you will find them both in Lapland.

As a counterbalance of everyday life, Lapland offers many opportunities to engage in all sorts of activities and spend time enjoying a wide variety of cultural events. Many larger festivals bring their own certain something with them, such as music, cultural heritage and films.

In Lapland you can study yourself an occupation of your dreams. We have institutes ranging from upper secondary schools to vocational colleges and from universities of applied sciences to traditional universities. We have plenty of fields of study and even more opportunities.

So what might be the best thing about Lapland?
In Lapland, Christmas is always just around the corner!