Lapland - Above ordinary
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Welcome to Finnish Lapland!

Your first stop in Lapland is informs you on the possibilities of Lapland. You can access information on travelling, living, studying, entrepreneurship, and services easily in one place. Lapland is calling for you.


Lapland is unique

It is true. You can experience the nightless nights and the days with no dawn in Lapland. What does that mean? Nightless nights - in the summer months the sun does not set at all. The days with no dawn are its counterpart - a period of darkness that starts towards the end of the year, Finns call it "kaamos", when you only get to enjoy a short glimpse of daylight. Phenomenal!

The rich nature in Lapland offers you moments to remember. Our nature lives with the seasons that are easily distinguishable. 

Snow and the sun Winters are snowy, thawed only by the crisp sunny weather in the spring.
The summers are warm and lush, with vibrant colours taking you into autumn. What do the majestic fells of Lapland look like? They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but it is nothing compared to your own personal experience. So come and visit Lapland!

Stay active in Lapland

A holiday doesn't always have to be very active, but there are plenty of opportunities to do sports in Lapland! There are countless outdoor activities and exercise possibilities. Lapland provides a high-quality setting for winter and summer sports alike. Maybe you can even discover some new hobbies!

Lapland's pulsing cultural scene has many unforgettable events to offer. You can enjoy concerts, explore and discover festivals, have a look at art exhibits and museums, or pay a visit to the Regional Theatre of Lapland. Discover the creative side of Lapland!

Lapland for students

The versatile activities that are on offer also cater to students. In Lapland you can have your pick of institutions in many fields. Learn a trade in Lapland's vocational schools or educate yourself in Lapland's higher education institutions.
Have a look at what Lapland has to offer. is a good place to start.