Lapland - Above ordinary
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Shining gold

Do you know what an isomus is? How about hengetön, saivare, penikkatäi, or lutikka? Some of them are Finnish terms for pests, but they are also terms used by gold diggers for gold nuggets.
Gold has been a target of interest for man for millennia. This valuable noble metal has been used, for example, as a means of payment, in jewellery manufacturing and health care. Gold can be found in various parts of the world, including Finnish Lapland.

References to the gold in Lapland date back to the 16th century. A breakthrough took place in the early 19th century when a kind of a gold rush to the River Ivalojoki area also occurred. Gold has been dug in Lapland ever since, and the digging still continues.

This page provides information on gold and gold washing. For more information, follow the links on this page.




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