Lapland - Above ordinary
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Situated by the River Tornionjoki, Ylitornio is one of the most beautiful parts of Tornio Valley.Ylitornio from the air
The impressive landscape is dominated by Aavasaksa, a hill is situated right opposite to the centre of Övertorneå in Sweden. Ylitornio and Övertorneå are of the same size and joined by the Aavasaksa bridge.

At Ylitornio, the River Tornionjoki forms large successive points of calm water until it reaches Kainuunkylä, the largest river archipelago in the north, where it is over 3 kilometres wide. The water areas of the River Tengeliö, which flows into the River Tornionjoki, make up the most well-known lake route in the whole of Lapland. They originate behind Rattostunturi and pass through the lakes of Raanujärvi, Vietonen and Miekojärvi, the largest one, towards the River Tornionjoki.

Tourism and pastimes

Tornio Valley and Aavasaksa at Ylitornio have fascinated people for centuries, and tourists have always been met with great hospitality there. Ylitornio is the place to be! Forest-covered hill landscapes, the River Tornionjoki and the big lakes and rivers in the beautiful landscape crossed by the Arctic Circle also create an ideal setting for customised pastimes. Ylitornio also has an ice stadium that welcomes ice-hockey fans all the way from Sweden and other parts of Lapland.