Lapland - Above ordinary
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Utsjoki from the air
Utsjoki (Ohcejohka in north Sami), which is situated in the Province of Lapland, is the northernmost municipality in Finland.
The population density of Utsjoki is only 0.25 inhabitants/km2 so it is the third most sparsely populated municipality in Finland.
Most of the people live by the River Teno that marks the border between Finland and Norway. The villages of the municipality are Nuorgam, Utsjoki main village, Nuvvus, Dalvadas, Outakoski, Rovisuvanto, Karigasniemi and Kaamasmukka.

Utsjoki lies within easy reach

There are good road connections to Utsjoki, and highway no. 4 ends there. From there you can reach Norway fast and easily. The E75 continues to Norway across the Sami Bridge, which was completed in 1993, and connects to the E6 that runs through Norway.

Reindeer, salmon and tourism

Utsjoki's most important means of living are reindeer husbandry, salmon fishing on the River Teno and fishing tourismReindeer
Known as the best salmon river in the whole of Europe, the River Teno is famous both in Finland and abroad. Norwegians are important customers and partners to many of the companies operating in the area.

Unique nature

The nature at Utsjoki is really unique. The steep-sloped Utsjoki Valley is considered one of Finland's national landscapes, and the scenery continues to be as mighty and impressive even alongside the River Teno.
Tenonajuruoho Many of the plants and animals in Utsjoki are at the limit of their range, and some of them have developed into regional subspecies of their own.
There are about a hundred nesting bird species in Utsjoki, many of them arctic ones. If you are lucky you can catch a glimpse of a golden eagle or gyrfalcon, for example.

The Sami

The genuine, living Sami culture can be seen in the municipality every day. The cultural and social traditions of the Sami, which stem from their unique historical stages, add a fine element to everyday life in Utsjoki.