Lapland - Above ordinary
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Tornio from the air For centuries Tornio has been the gateway to Lapland. Its success as a trading and market venue stems from its excellent location in the middle of the Bothnian Arc where the River Tornionjoki flows into the Bothnian Bay.
Tornio received its city rights from King Gustav II Adolf in 1621. The current border between Finland and Sweden has profiled the city since 1809.

Today Tornio and Haparanda in Sweden make up an international twin city that altogether has 32 500 inhabitants. The aim of this unique border cooperation is to "enjoy the benefits of two countries but address the obligations of one country".

International centre of business and expertise on the border

Tornio is a major industrial centre that is especially renowned for its steel and textile industry. The cornerstones of Tornio's expertise are its broad range of educational institutions, such as Lappia/Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences, HUMAK University of Applied Sciences, Peräpohjola College, JaloteräsStudio, Mediapolis and Northern Cultural Institute.

A place full of experiences

Rajalla -shopping centerThe Tornio-Haparanda area is the centre of cross-border trade (IKEA, Rajalla shopping centre), offering fascinating attractions to those appreciating culture and nature: Alatornio Church (UNESCO), Tornio Church, Aine Art Museum, provincial museum, national parks, and the River Tornionjoki, which is famous for its salmon. On the GreenZone golf course you can cross the national border and time zone with a single strike.

Pleasant living

You can live in Finland or Sweden, on the border, in the city centre, at the seaside, by a salmon river or in peaceful countryside. The services of two countries are close at hand. You are guaranteed to feel at home, thanks to excellent opportunities for physical recreation and other pastimes!


Good road connections from different parts of the country.
By train: Tornio's eastern halt, 2 km from the city centre, Kemi railway station 25 km
By plane: Kemi-Tornio airport 18 km, direct flights from Helsinki
Border-crossing points from Sweden: Etelätulli, Krannikatu, Näränperä, railway connection
Harbour: Röyttä 10 km