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Tervola - Positive opportunities

The river in Tervola

Tervola is a beautiful rural municipality in Southern Lapland by the River Kemijoki. It is well known for its wood, rock and metal industry products and agriculture and forestry.
Rovaniemi, Kemi, Tornio, Haparanda in Sweden and the nearest airport are situated less than an hour's drive away. You can also reach Tervola by bus or train.

Security through basic services

Tervola has good basic services so municipal day care, for example, can be provided to all children who need it, and dental care is also arranged locally. City house of Tervola
Regular inhabitants and holiday-makers can choose from a variety of housing alternatives, which are offered by the municipality and private persons. If you are planning to build a home, take a look at what the house plot market on the Internet has to offer.

Refreshment from nature

Winter in Tervola

The landscape is dominated by numerous hills and the River Kemijoki, which passes through Tervola. They offer local people and tourists a wealth of experiences that change according to season and weather.

The environment is ideal for enjoying peace and nature and varied pastimes and recreational activities throughout the year. You can go fishing, hunting or berry-picking or pursue other types of physical activities either outdoors or indoors. 

The municipality also has an active cultural life, with a number of cultural attractions.