Lapland - Above ordinary
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Sodankylä - Municipality of Stars

Sodankylä is a unique combination of old and new, of traditions and technology. Sodankylä Midnight Sun Filmfestival
 Picture by: Santeri Happonen
Thanks to the service level that is similar to cities and the developed telecommunications connections, Sodankylä is the centre of administration, services, and traffic for Middle Lapland.
The arctic location of Sodankylä and the open-mindedness in its municipal decision-making have attracted unique research activity and entrepreneurship to Sodankylä. The Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory, which is an independent department of the University of Oulu, the EISCAT Sodankylä site, operated in co-operation by 7 countries, and the Arctic Research Centre of the Finnish Meteorological Institute are all located in the Tähtelä area of Sodankylä.
The Jaeger Brigade of The Finnish Defence Forces also utilises the arctic conditions in the research and development of military equipment, organisation, tactics, and methods that are suitable for Nordic areas and in other research and development related to human tolerance to cold weather.

The nature of Lapland 

Hiking at Pyhä-Luosto

Various conservation areas comprise a third of the total area of Sodankylä.

The Urho Kekkonen and Pyhä-Luosto National Parks offer excellent possibilities for hiking for all four seasons and for long and demanding hunting trips as well as for shorter daily trips. The lively countryside with its small, idyllic villages and services adds a special blend to the diverse offerings of the municipality. New inhabitants, entrepreneurs, and tourists are warmly welcome to Sodankylä.

Events with star appearances 

In addition to the tranquillity of wilderness, Sodankylä also offers visitors a multitude of events, as well as other cultural services and genuine experiences.
Gold prospecting at Tankavaara
The annual Midnight Sun Film Festival, Luosto Classic, Kullanhuuhdonnan SM-kisat (the Finnish championships of gold prospecting ), Vuotson Lapin Markkinat (Lappish market event in the village of Vuotso), and many other unique events add even more to the vivid life in the municipality. Museum-Gallery Alariesto, The Old Church, The Amethyst Mine, The House of Northern Lights - Pohjan Kruunu as well as Tankavaara Gold Village and Gold Prospector Museum are attractions that will bring you unforgettable memories.