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Winter in Simo The Municipality of Simo, which has a population of some 3500, is situated in the Province of Lapland in the lower course of the River Simojoki.
It borders on Kemi, Keminmaa and Tervola in the north, Ranua in the east and Ii in the south. The municipality covers an area of 1483.1 km2, some 18.4 km2 of which is lakes and rivers.
Simo has been known for its salmon for centuries. It has been said that Simo was built with the money of salmon-fishing farmers. Simo consists of vital seaside and riverside villages. Fishing on the River Simojoki
Salmon used to be fished from the sea and river. On the municipal scale, fishing tourism is regarded as an important future means of living. Thanks to its excellent location and size, the River Simojoki lies within easy reach and fishing is easy, too. You can also enjoy hunting and hiking.
Ice-fishing Ice-angling and snowmobiling are popular pastimes in winter. The entrepreneurs of the area are happy to arrange different types of programme services according to season.  

The Martimoaava mire protection area, which has 30 kilometres of duckboards, rest cabins and lean-to shelters, is a fine attraction worth visiting. There are many bird species in the area so it is popular among bird enthusiasts.

When implemented, the envisaged energy projects, wind farms and a nuclear power plant will open up vast growth and development opportunities to Simo and the Kemi-Tornio subregion. Simo is a service-oriented, open-minded municipality with a pleasant living environment. New inhabitants, too, soon feel at home there.