Lapland - Above ordinary
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Skiing The Municipality of Salla is situated in Eastern Lapland close to the Russian border. Originally founded with the name Kuolajärvi in 1857, Salla received its current name in 1937.
The economic structure of the municipality is no longer dominated by agriculture but the focus is now on service industries. More than 70 % of the working population is employed in the service sector. Salla's international border crossing point and its location on the EU:n eastern outer border at the hub of the Barents Corridor offer opportunities for international trade.

A place for people

There are more apartments for rent in Salla than in other Finnish municipalities on the average. The municipality also sells residential plots, which are far less expensive than those available in Southern Finland. Little girl and two reindeer
The coverage of day care services is good and educational services include basic and upper secondary school education. Salla offers endless recreational opportunities to nature enthusiasts. Tuntsa wilderness area and Oulanka national park are both situated in the municipality, with good berry picking, fishing and hiking opportunities. Salla also has an active cultural life.


Hikers Salla was already a well-known tourist destination in the 1930's. The first Alpine Finnish Ski Championships were arranged at old Sallatunturi as early as 1937.
Tourism is today one of the most important industries in the municipality. Ranua has actively invested in tourism, which has created new jobs and companies and also contributed to the development of the business sector as a whole. Tourism is developed under the Sallatunturi2020 Development Programme, the aim of which is to triple the number of registered overnight stays, tourism incomes and the number of beds by the year 2020. Salla received the Finnish Ski Resort of the Year 2009 Award.