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Rovaniemi - Reindeers

Situated at the confluence of the Kemijoki and Ounasjoki Rivers, Rovaniemi is an international city of trade and commerce, education, and continuous development. Rovaniemi has always been a gateway to Lapland, and has been the administrative centre of the province of Lapland since 1938.

Thanks to its location, Rovaniemi has grown to become the natural capital for Lapland with a unique profile: it is the lively heart of Lapland that leaves both a calming and thrilling impact on its visitors.

The word rova means a wooded ridge or highland with thin forest cover. It is a loan word from the Sámi language where the word roavvi refers to an old burned area or a wooded fell or ridge.

 High-quality life in the middle of nature

Pristine nature and the appreciation of a high quality of life are evident in the contemporary life in Rovaniemi and its strategies for the future.Arktikum

Rovaniemi is a peaceful and positive city to live in. In addition to the diversity of services and high-quality infrastructure, the location of the city at the confluence of two rivers, surrounded by fells and extensive forest areas, really brings nature to the everyday life of the citizens and visitors.

Multifaceted network of services

Lappia-talo As an administrative and commercial centre of strong development, Rovaniemi also attracts shopping malls and companies in the field of services to choose the city as the location for their business.  

In addition to the vivid city centre, which offers a wide range of services, the city also boasts a diverse concentration of special trade. A reliable and multifaceted network of services and infrastructure has elevated Rovaniemi into one of the most important centres of business in the Barents region.