Lapland - Above ordinary
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The first inhabitants of Posio were Lapps. The name "posio" means a hole at the back of a Lappish home through which hunters would throw the game in. The Lapps believed that the hole was sacred so women were not allowed to use it.

Landscape of Posio

Posio scenery The landscape is dominated by fells, hills, mires, vast conifer forests, and lakes and rivers. There are many crystal-clear lakes, rivers and brooks, some of them as much as 240 metres above sea level.
Riisitunturi National Park contains some of the finest slope mires in Finland. The Riisitunturi fell is 466 metres high. Korouoma canyon is one of the deepest trenches in Europe. The canyon is some 30 km long and more than one kilometre wide in places, and its vertical walls reach up to 100 metres.

Posio's municipal strategy

According to its vision, Posio will be a small, energetic, independent Lappish municipality in 2015, which is known for its open-minded way of arranging networked services to its inhabitants. It is the most attractive place for building holiday homes in Lapland and its economic structure rests on several cornerstones.

Posio takes care of its inhabitants. The municipality seeks to ensure that all inhabitants have access to sufficient basic services within reasonable distance. Basic services are provided with a preventive focus. The municipality also supports the well-being and employment of its inhabitants through an ambitious, broad economic policy.

Welcome to Posio!