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A pleasant municipality to live in

Pello is located on the Arctic Circle in the Tornio Valley at the centre of the North Calotte. Its neighbouring municipalities are Kolari, Ylitornio, Rovaniemi, and Övertorneå and Pajala in Sweden.Pello from the air
Pello and Ylitornio together make up the Tornio Valley sub-region. The municipality of Pello was founded in 1867, at which point its name was Turtola. The name was changed to Pello in 1949.

Children at daycare

The inhabitants of Pello are friendly and there are basic services for people of all ages. Pello also offers extensive business services and the local atmosphere encourages entrepreneurship.
Good business premises and building plots are available, housing costs are small and the environment is pleasant.

Living life to the full in Pello

You can refresh yourself in nature in all seasons of the year. Choose a suitable pastime that you can try either alone or with others. You can attend a variety of courses in the open college, and there are many organisations and associations that arrange different types of activities. Pello has an extensive skiing track and hiking route network. The surroundings of Ritavalkea downhill skiing centre are ideal for the whole family. Experiences also await you on the River Tornionjoki. There are also excellent hunting, fishing and berry-picking opportunities.  Kalastaja pitelee lohta

Pello is the scene of various cultural, sports and other events, of which the most well-known ones are the Pello skiing competition, Poikkinaintiajot car race and Oranki Art exhibition of environmental art. Dog shows and rural agricultural fairs are also arranged every now and then.

Expertise and entrepreneurship in Pello

Entrepreneurship has always played an important role in securing the well-being of the local people. Situated at crossroads on the Swedish border, Pello offers excellent opportunities for entrepreneurship - there are in fact more than 300 companies. The most prominent sectors are agriculture and forestry, construction, trade, logistics, industry and tourism. Tornionlaakson Kehitys Oy provides free counselling for developing the various aspects of business.

Industrial hall