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Close to services and nature

Kittilä is a lively municipality in Fell Lapland with a population of 6,000. Its convenient location, wide selection of services, good transport links and breathtaking nature provide perfect surroundings for people, tourists and businesses. A total of 30 fells and the large, free-flowing Ounasjoki River give Kittilä its unique character.

Robust businesses provide jobs and services

Photograph by AV-Lappi

Robust businesses provide jobs and services

Tourism and mining are the largest industries in the Kittilä area. Levi, the most popular all-year leisure centre in Finland, and one of Europe's largest gold mines, are situated in Kittilä.

International trade and visitors give a distinct flavour to the business life of this municipality situated above the Arctic Circle. The number of businesses in Kittilä - approximately 600 - is quite remarkable considering the population.

Lively municipality

Kittilä has grown fast into a lively Lapland municipality within the last few decades. Construction has been a major focal point of investment, and the airport has helped to attract tourists and liven up business in the area.

Although tourism has helped to create a modern and international atmosphere in Kittilä, the traditional way of life is still evident in the villages, art and events.

Walking with snow shoes Photograph by AV-Lappi

Events and things to do

Nature, various arranged activities, cultural destinations and restaurants provide diverse leisure opportunities. Kittilä is packed with things to do and has a choice of active clubs and associations.

Many annual events, such as the Leksan kevätsoitot folk music festival, Kittilän kesämarkkinat Summer Market, Levi 24 cycling event, Ounasjokijotos river event, Ruskamaraton marathon, Staalon teatterifestit theatre festival and the World Cup Levi Alpine World Ski Championships, are organised by active locals. Kittilä is also a favourite venue for top artists, and all music genres are covered, from chamber music to rock and hip hop. Despite the busy urban activities, Kittilä is just a step away from peaceful and calm nature.

You are warmly welcome to Kittilä - to visit, to enjoy and to stay!