Lapland - Above ordinary
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Northern lights The centre of Kemijärvi is surrounded by lakes and rivers, islands, hills and fells.
Vast open space, the midnight sun, the twilight of the Arctic Circle and dazzling snow fascinate local people and tourists alike. The demand for holiday apartments in the city is constantly higher than the supply.

Varied business sector

The Kemijärvi is the centre of varied services, industry, commerce, and agriculture and forestry.

There are good opportunities for business and tourism, as Kemijärvi is located at the end of a railway line beside two main roads and between the airports of Rovaniemi and Kuusamo. For centuries the River Kemijoki and Lake Kemijärvi were gateways that also conveyed cultural influences. Today they are used for energy production and recreation. There has been a variety of industrial business and services in Kemijärvi, and many of the companies still exist. We are confident that our pleasant living environment and our ability to address demand fast will attract companies in future, too.

Good life for inhabitants and tourists

City landscape of Kemijärvi Kemijärvi is the centre of services for a vast area and a place where people meet each other and attend entertaining events.

Sports enthusiasts will appreciate the services of Poukama indoor swimming pool and spa, Wirta Areena Ice Stadium and the indoor sports stadium. They can also try a snowball competition and explore hiking and skiing routes. There are many associations in the city. Those interested in culture can try wood sculpture art, explore the local culture or military history, visit the local cultural centre or attend music events.

In summer, Kemijärvi is the scene of urban culture and the starting point for one-day excursions to the national parks of Pyhä-Luosto and Oulanka and to outlying villages. Winter is devoted to snowmobiling, skiing and enjoying the services of the city. Any of the five skiing centres of the area (Suomu, Pyhä-Luosto, Salla and Ruka) can be reached by car in only about 0.5-1.5 hours.